Nineveh Plain - Qaraqoush

Train and support community leaders to promote a supportive community environment for women affected by gender-based violence and to ensure their reintegration into society

The activity began on the first day by introducing the project and Baghdad Women Association and the services provided by the project coordinator. After that, the facilitator began getting to know the participants and conduct a pre-test and then define violence and the concept of sex and gender – types of violence, its causes and consequences – showing video and make a discussion – the factors that contribute to perpetrating violence within the family. On the second day, at first, reviewing what was taken on the first day, and then the case management was defined – the steps of case management – listening and assessing the danger – asking questions and identifying feelings. Finally, the training was concluded with a post-evaluation and training evaluation.
Knowing and application all the following aspects: Gender-based violence – types of violence, its causes and consequences – differences between sex and gender – factors contributing violence – steps of case management – listening and risk assessment – asking questions and define feelings.

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