Nineveh Plain - Qaraqoush

The therapy session

#Baghdad_Women_Association continues through its staff in the listening center in Qaraqoush to carry out the therapy session for women and girls returning to A-Hamdaniya district/ Qaraqoush area, within the project of Reintegration Support for Women and Girls Returnees to Al-Hamdaniya District and Seji Village, supported by Tearfund Organization on May 28, 2019. The session began with a brief introduction about BWA since its inception and the services provides to women and girls. The session also covered several topics and concepts related to violence such as, gender and social differences which is originated from the society and its negative impact on the psychological situation of women and girls, furthermore an exercise of (the way of my life) carried out in which women participated in sharing their stories, attitudes, traumas in which they had experienced. The participants confirmed that their psychological condition improved after attending the session also they thanked BWA for this opportunity for the important services provided to them.

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