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The sixth training workshop for activists, media persons, academics, and civil society organizations in…

#Baghdad_Wome_Association in cooperation with Asuda Organization, implemented the sixth training workshop for activists, media, academics, and civil society organizations, this activity targeted six different governorates within the activities of “Monitoring and Advocacy for the implementation of the Iraqi National Action Plan for UNSCR 1325” supported by UNWomen and the Women’s Peace and Humanitarian Fund (WPHF), the workshop took place in Sulaimanyia on 26-27-28-29 Jan. 2020.

20 participants who are interested in the INAP of UNSCR 1325 were targeted and trained on writing reports, monitoring & evaluation, communication skills and of the INAP for UNSCR1325. Mechanisms of writing reports, its importance and types was discussed and what are the needed skills to prepare a good report also how results and recommendation should be written, in addition to monitoring and evaluation and what are the benefits of it,  types of indicators and the right steps to prepare M&E plan, communication skills and elements of effective communication and explaining the strategy of making a communication plan with decision makers  were also discussed. And finally, the indicators of INAP were discussed and the importance of women to be part of the society and stages women must take to reach a decision making, pillars and goals of INAP for UNSCR 1325 were discussed as will to raise the participants capacity and introducing them with the INAP

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