Social support activity for men and boys

Baghdad_Women_Association staff in the Social and Psychological Listening and Counseling Center in Mosul implemented four social support sessions for 10 beneficiaries of men and boys inside the center August within the framework of Promoting the Well-being Dignity and safety of conflict affected SGBV Survivors( Project, funded by NPA.

At the beginning of the sessions, the center’s services were introduced to the participants, after which the session facilitator focused on the importance of women and their role in society and their ability to bear burdens and responsibilities and change the man’s view of women as a reliable partner in all aspects of life to establish a society consisting of healthy families by giving all women rights such as the right to education, work, choice of partner, and decision-making.

Part of the session’s time was also allocated for an activity (barbering) to encourage them to attend the sessions. One of the participants said, “I benefited a lot from these sessions and I would like my mother and sister to participate with you in the center’s activities.” Speaking of decision-making, one of the beneficiaries said, “I will assist my daughter in completing her studies and any decision regarding her life.”

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