Sewing course

Baghdad_Women_Association staff at the Listening and Counseling Center – Mosul implemented a sewing training course within “Promoting the Well being Dignity and safety of conflict affected SGBV Survivors” Project, funded by Norwegian People’s Aid.

20 women and girls attended the twentieth sessions throughout February with the aim of developing the professional skills of women and girls and to gain a profession for women to be able to depend on themselves and have their own salary, as the trainer began with how to take measurements and cut the fabric and then the method of designing (dishdasha), And then the skirt (sak) and salafi and the pants separation in addition to taking the measurements of the participants in order for making new clothes for each of them as a practice, in which were received in the eighth session to make observations on them, as at the last session there was a celebration for the graduation of 20 women through the giving them certificates of participation and also for the trainer, they were very happy with possessing a craft and that they sew their own clothes.

One of the most important outputs of the activity was that women benefit from the sessions and training given by the association, as one of the women mentioned that she felt happy because it was the first time she used a sewing machine and sewing a piece of clothes which is a dress for her little girl, and another stated that she would sew clothes for her family and not buy ready-made pieces from the market, another mentioned that she is very happy to use the pieces with old designs and convert them into new pieces according to the modern designs, and that one of the women became a success story through learning the profession of sewing and coordination with one of the work places that women work in this profession inside the city and she has her own salary to support her children.

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