roundtable discussion session

Within the project ” Strengthening Resilience of Women Returnees, Refuges, Displaced and Host Communities in Kurdistan Region of Iraq) supported by UNWomen. On 20th February 2019, Baghdad Women Association’s staff at Duhok Center started implemented roundtable discussion session within the activity (Women’s Support and Empowering her to work) in the district of Zakho in Duhok Governorate, which was implemented in four sessions for four days,. The session was attended by many women and men from all governmental and private sectors. The laws concerning women and her development were discussed. Opinions were exchanged with the attendees in order to empower women economically so that she can depend on herself and work in the appropriate sectors of her skills and abilities to bring about the required change in the reality of women who have suffered from war and poverty and to encourage them and help them to face challenges and self-reliance.

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