Nineveh Plain - Qaraqoush

Random GBV awareness session

The staff represented by the social worker and the community mobilizer of BaghdadWomenAssociation implement a random GBV awareness for women and girls in Seminier – Nineveh plain in the date of 21 July 2019 according to the project of (Enhancing the strengthened resilience of women and girls in conflict-affected communities and host communities in the Nineveh plain-Iraq) funded by Lutheran World Federation LWF for the awareness of GBV for women and girls.

The session targeted 13 women and girls and the social worker starts by introduction about Baghdad Women Association and the services the listening and counseling center are provided in Qaraqush, after that she explain the definition of violence and what’s the causes of violence and it’s types and what’s the different between the gender and sex .

The pre and posttest are presented for women and girls.

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