Nineveh Plain - Qaraqoush

Quarterly awareness session to raise awareness about the referral pathway system in cooperation with service providers, especially organizations working on women’s rights.

The activity targeted 28 participants from the project targeting areas. The activity started by introducing the project and Baghdad Women Association and the services provided by the project coordinator. After that, the facilitator began to enter into the concept of the gender gap – the difference between gender and sex – sexism – the wage gap – political power. Later, the reasons of the gender gap – the economic gap – the political gap were explained. After that, the negative phenomena that contribute to violence against women were discussed by the facilitator

-They made groups where the most important negative phenomena in society were written-discussing the two most important aspects to focus on The causes of negative phenomena – how to solve negative phenomena. Finally, we ended the session by writing all the services that are provided by the present service providers and discussing each one of them with the attendees. How to reduce the gender gap in society in addition to know all the negative reasons of the gender gap in all aspects and also all the negative phenomena that contribute to violence against women.

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