Psychosocial support services

Psychological support that was provided to women through individual sessions according to the needs of the beneficiary, and psychological release of the feeling that there is someone who supports and listens to them, as well as how to face the difficulties and challenges that impede their lives. It was found through psychological support that the cause of violence is based on the husband’s careless to his wife or the family’s lack of interest With their women or those who are divorced with their children, inappropriate words that offend their psyche, forced marriage, deprivation of access to resources and opportunities, physical abuse, beatings, as well as the poor economic and social situation that occurs inside homes, which leads to a bad relationship between family members. Its aim is to reach women and girls who suffer from psychological and social pressures to support and support them psychologically to overcome psychological or social obstacles and to enhance their psychological health considering these situations in which women lack confidence in others and the possibility of psychological discharge that helps them face challenges.

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