Psychological and social support sessions

Baghdad_Women_Association staff at the Listening and Counseling Center – Mosul carried out psychosocial support sessions for women and girls within (Promoting the Wellbeing, Dignity and safety of conflict affected SGBV Survivors) Project, funded by Norwegian people’s Aid.

52 women and girls attended the eight sessions over February aiming at supporting women socially and psychologically in addition to knitting training and using its tools and how to merge the colors while helping each other in developing their skills, ideas and make work groups to share talents, as many crafts were done, including the association’s logo on a piece of cloth in various beautiful shapes. The sessions also included psychological support through some recreational activities around targeted educational competitions and vital activities that positively affect the psyche of participants.

One of the most important outcomes of the activity was increasing the confidence of women and forming social relationships with each other, as women mentioned that they are very happy in attending the center and that they wish to come constantly to the center to get rid of the stress of life and that they will tell their friends about the center, in addition to discovering new GBV cases should be monitored inside and outside the center.

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