promoting the wellbeing Dignity and safety of conflict affected SGBV survivors

#Baghdad_Women_Association staff at the Listening and Social Counseling Center in #Mosul implemented during June Within a project of the promoting the wellbeing Dignity and safety of conflict affected SGBV survivors within the support of the #NPA  many activities, including:2 Vocational training  (salon and sewing) for 28 women and girls beneficiaries, 8 advocacy sessions for 15 women and girls  beneficiaries, 8 social support sessions for 27 men and boys beneficiaries, and 6 awareness sessions on various topics, including on (gender-based violence, reproductive health ,legal awareness, mental health) for 82 women and girls, In addition to organizing a celebration to celebrate the seventeenth anniversary of the association and the launch of marketing small projects to beneficiaries in the presence of international and local organizations, the Human Rights Commission and the community police in Nineveh for the purpose of supporting the beneficiaries and promoting projects.

These activities were implemented to developing the professional skills of women and girls and changing their lifestyle in a positive and Fruitfully.

As for the awareness sessions, which included forms of violence, its causes and suggested solutions to reduce it, aimed to spread family awareness and the importance of compatibility and understanding among family members, and to emphasize the value and importance of women in society, and the advocacy sessions were aimed at building a network between the participants and making a change in the lives of individuals and empowering women to be influential decision makers in society by formulating Messages to target people to achieve self and public interest.

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