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Project Women, Peace and Security in Arab states – Phase II, in partnership with the UN Women with the support of the Finland governorate .BWA Listening, Psychosocial and Legal Counseling center – Duhok, August 2021.

During the month of August 2021, the project staff were implemented awareness sessions entitled (Social Awareness, Legal Awareness and Gander- Based Violence-GBV) by coordinating with Nawa Duhok Women shelter, and Deljyar Social Women center in Duhok, with participation 14 women and girls.
Also, 34 women and girls have got a several services by referral pathway in Duhok and Kabrto1 & 2 camps.
In addition, the project staff have implemented Cash for Work training to 32 women and girls, at BWA listening psychosocial and legal counselling center_ Duhok.
The aim of the project and activities to aware and protect women from gender-based violence, provide psychological, legal and economic support, and facilitate their access to various services.

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