Professional course for computer basics

Conduct a computer training inside Sinjar center for both gender (targeting 15 beneficiaries) of different ages and religions of the Sinjar community.

The aim of this activity is to educate them so that they can use it in the future and according to their professional or academic needs when they join jobs or university departments that require computer skills. 

The course included the basics of the calculator and the components of the screen surface – the taskbar. MS word (creating files – writing – font – clipboard – paragraph texts – text formatting and editing – preparing, designing and formatting tables – saving and retrieval), MS Excel (Create a new file, save it, and name it – using functions of different types) MS PowerPoint (Introduction to PowerPoint – How to create a presentation in which images appear – Editing image size, dimensions and scaling – editing colors – Using effects – Plus how to create a lecture on a specific topic)

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