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Political empowerment training workshop

As part of #WeProtectOurFamily campaign, #Baghdad_Women_Association implemented a training workshop on political empowerment, gender mainstreaming, and a participatory approach in the Iraqi systems and policies as one of the activities of the project (Enhancing Women’s Participation in Leadership and Decision-Making) with support from the Norwegian People’s Aid Organization (NPA) on 3-5 December, 2019 in Sulaymaniyah, Titanic Hotel.

The target group was a number of women deputies in the Iraqi parliament with feminist activists, media workers and defenders, the topics of the workshop focused on the foundations of democracy, active citizenship, and international instruments guaranteeing a fair and equal political corporation between the sexes, the position of women in national policies and legislation concerned with their participation in the formal decision-making process, qualifications and opportunities for women to undertake powerful positions, obstacles to women’s actual participation and the reasons for limiting their role to the formal framework within the political process. The workshop was concluded by collecting recommendations from participating deputies and activists to be the keystone of the next defense plan.

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