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Participation in a dialogue session

Under the slogan of investing population opportunities in youth empowerment by achieving the goals of (ICPD 1994) Sponsored by the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research and with the invitation of Iraqi association for statistical sciences and Iraq office for UN Population Fund, and on the occasion of the 25-year anniversary  on Cairo International Conference for Population and development, the representative of BaghdadWomenAssociation Reem Sahib in the dialogue session that was held on Sunday 28 July 2019 in the Iraqi association of statistical sciences hall with the presence of Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research Mr. Qusai Alsahil and Mr. Nouri Sabah the Minister of Planning and Mr. Mahdi Alalaq the manager of the Iraqi association of statistical sciences and a number of the representatives of international and local organizations and specialists from research and statistical centers.

The session began by displaying  a short film about the aspirations of youth, followed by a discussion of a number of  research papers entitled (population opportunities in youth empowerment, challenges of changing Iraqi young women lives, the consequences of the transformation of women life in Kurdistan Region , population factors  and community variables in Iraq), the session was concluded with recommending the attendants to invest population opportunities to empower youth, change women lives and achieve sustainable development goals in the next years.

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