Salah Al-Din

Opening Psycho-social, legal support center at Salah Al-Din

Baghdad Women Association celebrated the opening of its new “Psycho-social, legal support, case management and referral services center” at Salah Al-Din governance on February 19th 2019. The opening of the center comes as a part of the Associations’ strategy in expanding its reach in other Iraq’s provinces and within the project’s framework “Strengthening access to protection, participation and services for women refugees, internally displaced people (IDPs) and host communities” funded by the European Union Regional Fund in Response to the Syrian Crisis: EU ” MADAD ” Fund and in partnership with Euromed Feminist Initiative.     

The opening ceremony was attended by high level representatives, Deputy Governor of Salah Al-Din Mr. Ismail Khudair Al-Haloub and a group of community leaders, tribal sheikhs, local government representatives from the security services, community police, health centers, and a number of civil society organizations working in the region.

Mr. Hisham Abdel Samad, presented to the attendees the city situation of the city after liberation, the stages of reconstruction and its impact on women and children as well as the situation of displaced persons in the camps and the obstacles they are facing that limit them to return to their cities, furthermore; the roles be taken by the government and local and international civil society organizations to help women.

The session concluded by drawing up the map of the referral system. Each participant presented the type of support they can provide to women and the mechanism of cooperation between them and Baghdad Women Association to activate the referral process.

About the center:

The center located in Tikrit city, Hay Al-Qadisiyah, Street 500 is set to serve refugee, Internally displaced people (IDPs) and women and girls from the host community. The center opens every day from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm to provide greater and safer access for women and girls to Comprehensive cross-sectoral services – legal, psychological, logistical and services related to gender-based violence.

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