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Opening a new Psychosocial and Legal Listening and Counseling Centre in Anbar

#Baghdad_Women_Association continues to serve women and girls through its endless activities and the opening of a new centre for psychological-social and legal listening and counseling in Anbar on Thursday morning August 27, 2020, which in the fifth Center that BWA is running currently, the center is opened within (Enhancing Psycho-social and Legal Services to IDP’s, Refugees and Host Community Women and Girls and Economically Empowering Them (LEAP) project that is part of (Women’s Leadership, Empowerment, Access & Protection (LEAP) in Iraq) supported by UN Women and Japan Government from July 17th 2020 till March 15th 2021. Psychosocial and legal services will be provided as well as economic empowerment to IDP’s, refugees and host community in order to enhance social cohesion the society.

The project aims to 1.  raise awareness of IDP’s, refugee and host community more equipped to face violence and economically empowered in labor market 2. economically empower women and girls and build their capacity and skills to be more equipped with necessary tools to face labor market.

In conclusion, Baghdad Women Association pays gratitude to all government agencies and local and international organizations that sent congratulations and blessings for opening the new centre, hoping that this will be a good and beneficial start in serving women and girls in Anbar.

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