Norwegian People’s Aid conference with partners

Baghdad_Women_Association staff located in Dohuk and Mosul Social and Psychological Listening and Counseling centers for women and girls attended the Norwegian People’s Aid conference with partners in the city of Dohuk / Media Saray Hall within Promote Economic and Social Empowerment, Dignity, Well-being and Safety for Survivors of Sexual Violence during Conflict Project funded by the Norwegian People’s Aid on January 28, 2020.

The conference was attended by representatives of international and local organizations and governmental bodies in order to celebrate the accomplishments and successes of the past years in which economic, social, legal and professional projects were implemented in cooperation with partner organizations and to follow work strategies in the continuity of community building and the implementation of those projects to suit women and girls, especially after wars, and the difficulties facing the work of organizations were also discussed in order to search for solutions that increase positive results and progress towards the best work, which includes the possibility of engaging men and boys in the community activities to defend women’s rights work on building gender equality and eliminating violence and continue to build a new educated and sophisticated future.

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