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Najat Project Activities – April

During April 2021, BWA team has conducted and achieved many activities as part of the implementation of Najat Project: Prevent and mitigate Gender Based Violence and protection risks during COVID-19 pandemic, funded and supported by Oxfam International org. BWA team coordinated and implemented Capacity Building training workshop for 20 service providers who works for governmental, international, local organizations and Civil Activists, the training lasted for 4 hours during 3 days discussing important subjects such as protection from violence, monitoring of protection, concepts of GBV and Case Management. BWA implemented 6 awareness sessions for more than 60 women and girls in Fallujah to raise their awareness about GBV and 2 Awareness sessions by involved men in volunteering awareness sessions to raise their awareness about domestic violence and its harmful side effects to the violent person and to the victim herself, the sessions targeted more than 16 men. After making the needed assessment about what women and girls need in the package od Dignity Kits, BWA supplied 120 women with Dignity Kits that contained (N95 Medical masks, high quality medical gloves, medical sanitizers, personal hygiene materials and detergents) the distribution went during 2 days 11th & 12th April 2021.

Cash for Protection was provided to 31 women who survived GBV and they all were referred to specialized service providers to provide them with services during April. Within the past period, BWA has distributed 2000 Brochure copies, that contains important awareness instructions and information about safety plans against violence, secure and safe line, precaution instructions of COVID-19 pandemic, working hours and address of the Center for psychological listening and counseling for women and girls in Fallujah. A short video was produced and aired via Anbar Channel and via social media of Anbar channel and the Association in 27th April 2021 to raise awareness about risk of GBV and the negative consequences that affects the society. Referral Mapping was designed in a creative and a smooth easy way to be comprehend bay beneficiaries, the Mapping was achieved by coordinating with national, international, local and governmental organizations who assured to provider beneficiaries with the needed services.

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