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Meeting on the activation of the referral map

Within the framework of the gender project ” Strengthening access to protection, participation and services for women refugees, Internally Displaced People (IDPs) and women in the host communities in Iraq, funded by the European Union Regional Fund in Response to the Syrian Crisis: the EU “MADAD”, and  in Partnership with  Euro Med FeministInitiative EFI, Baghdad Women Association conducted its second meeting on “Activating the Referral Map” under the Referral Service Activity  at Social, legal and Counseling Center in the Obeidi area on 6th of  March 2019. The meeting was attended by a number of community leaders from tribal, sheikhs, community and local leaders representing national security and police.

The session was facilitated by the center’s social worker Sabreen Khashan, in which the session focused on the reality of women and girls in the region and highlighted on the needs of the next stage, in addition to the challenges women and girls face to reach justice. At the end of the session, the referral pathway map was set in place and participants were committed to enhance the communication and the networking to facilitate women’s access to legal, social, health, education and economic services.

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