Anbar - Ramadi

Listening and Psychosocial Counseling Center / Anbar / Ramadi, August-2021

project staff of Connecting voices and action to end violence against women and girls in MENA – Naseej, with the support of Oxfam International and the EU in August, implemented (4) awareness sessions on GBV in the city of Ramadi, with the participation of (20) women and (20) men, according to the gender policy contained in the project. The sessions aim to educate the community about the concepts of gender, power, violence, and the violence tree, and the role of the individual in changing the culture of society and reducing violence against women. also, implementation (4) health issues sessions with a rate of (40) participation, the purpose of the sessions are to educate women about family planning, reproductive, physical, and psychological health, and avoiding stress and common diseases. Through the discussion, many wrong health ideas and practices were corrected, and free consultations were provided to the beneficiaries.

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