Legal awareness sessions on women’s rights

Implemented legal awareness sessions, included many topics such as ,women’s rights, marriage contracts in and out of court, alimony, types of blackmail and underage marriage.
Also, awareness sessions were held on topics Gender-Based Violence, Reproductive Health, and upbringing of the family. And a series of sessions were about psycho-social to women and girls who suffering from psychological problems, through various techniques, including the Tree of Life technique, sleep problems, cessation of negative thinking, and a foot map, and relaxation exercises. recreational activities and relaxing exercises. As well as , implemented vocational training course (sewing course) to teach women and girls, to develop their sewing skills and practice it as a work in future. Also
, distributing Cash for protection, to support a vulnerable women and girls. In addition, to providing the beneficiaries with small grants to open projects, empower women and girls economically.
In addition, awareness brochures were distributed through field visits aimed at the community awareness about violence, its types and its impact and at familiarizing the community with the services offered by the Baghdad Women Association at the psychological/social and legal counselling center in Bashiqa district. Increase protection for women and girls exposed to gender-based violence, reduce the risk of violence, educate beneficiaries about their rights and develop their skills, and work to empower women economically through the provision of a source of income.

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