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International Women’s Day : Safe house

In celebration of Iraqi women at peace and safe sector and resilience of Iraqi women that live in displacement and returning to their homes, Baghdad Women Association participated by its delegate Ms.Ruaa Bdaiwi in the celebration arranged by and on 9th March in Baghdad with a large number of women participants. The celebration included a music presentation and an opening speech by The Australian Ambassador of Iraq, Joan Lounds, in which she spoke about the need for gender equality. She also expressed her respect for Iraqi women who faced many difficulties, especially the problems of displacement and she focused on the subject of women’s participation in decision-making and the need to implement UN resolution 1325. The Domestic Violence Act, as Professor Per Ludhammer, Senior Administrator of the United Nations Mine Action Service, spoke about equality between women and men. The celebration ended by a speech of Kedrin Kroner, Director of the Coordination Division, who noted that the problems of women’s displacement and the role of women community policing in society.

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