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Implementation of several activities in the Center for Psychological / Social and Legal Listening and Counseling – Ramadi

The staff of Baghdad Women Association implemented within the project Connecting Voices and action to End Violence against Women and Girls in MENA region – Naseej during the month of October, at the Center for Psychological/Social and Legal Listening and Counseling in Al Aramel neighborhood in The city of Ramadi, on October 17th , a voluntary recreational activity for children, with the attendance of more than 36 children , The activity included watching targeted animation films and an open dialogue session, as well as recreational games to integrate girls and boys and instill in them the spirit of cooperation, partnership, respect and coexistence , Capacity building training for service providers was conducted for 20 representatives of international and local organizations and government institutions, which included topics (protection from violence, protection monitoring, concepts of gender-based violence, referral process and case management) for three days on (24-25-26 September 2021) in the city of Ramadi.

    In addition to the implementation of a volunteer session for 15 women from the city of  Ramadi, on the dangers of Covid 19 and the simplest ways to prevent it, on October 4th.

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