Implementation of recreational training and workshops – Sinjar

During the month of November 2021, the  staff of prevent sexual and gender-based violence with the provision of referral services and livelihoods for returnees and with the support of the Lutheran World Federation project carried out a training with international and local organizations entitled (Gender-Based Violence) with the participation of 13 girls and men in the Sanoni district, as well as 30 beneficiaries of various services through the referral track services, in addition to the implementation of a sports entertainment workshop for women and girls in Khansour stadium with the participation of 17 women and girls from Sinjar, and also during this month a meeting of service providers was carried out in Rose Cafe with the participation of 18 girls and men, a workshop was also carried out with community leaders on gender-based violence with the participation of 25 men and boys in Bork and Khansur area , and 45 women and girls were registered for psychosocial support.

The aim of the project and the activities implemented by the association’s staff are to reduce violence and give psychological support and an opportunity to get work through training and raise the individual’s economy.

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