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Implementation of awareness sessions and training workshops – Dohuk and Domiz camp (1)

The staff of  Baghdad Women Association implemented within a project to enhance support for women and girls affected by sexual and gender-based violence – Duhok and Domiz 1 refugee camp, with the support of the Lutheran World Federation (7) Awareness sessions during the month of October 2021 on gender-based and sexual violence, reproductive health, women’s rights in the personal status law, domestic violence and the risks of underage marriage for 65 women and girls, refugees and displaced persons, and the host community from Domiz residents (outside the camp and Domiz camp 1 for Syrian refugees).

– The aim of these sessions was to raise women’s awareness about the idea that they are not weak, that customs, traditions and difficult circumstances are what created this concept in their society. Raising their awareness that violence against women is a violation of the law, and raising their awareness of information on how to protect themselves and their family from the dangers of domestic violence and how to take care of their reproductive health to create a healthy generation  Coordination was made with the DRC organization in Dohuk, where 26 women of various community groups were referred to the Livelihoods Department to secure project expansion services and job opportunities for them ,  a one-day training workshop on gender-based violence was also presented for (18) volunteers of the SWEDO organization in their center located in Dohuk, where the aim of the workshop was to build the capacities of volunteers to work as facilitators in managing awareness sessions against gender-based violence.

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