Implementation of an awareness campaign on early detection of breast cancer within the activities implemented by the Listening and Psychosocial Counseling Center in Mosul

The staff of  Baghdad Women Association, at the Listening and psychosocial  Counseling Center in Mosul implemented during October Within a project of  promoting the wellbeing Dignity and safety of conflict affected SGBV survivors within the support of the NPA , a training session (salon) for 15 beneficiaries of women and girls, 8 advocacy sessions for 12 beneficiaries of women and girls, 4 social support sessions for 14 beneficiaries of men and boys, and 6 awareness sessions on various topics including (gender-based violence, reproductive health, legal advice, HIV prevention and emphasis on vaccine, Early detection of breast cancer) for 65 women and girls beneficiaries.

In addition to awareness campaign in ” Pink October” for early detection of breast cancer and its importance for women and girls to raise the cure rate and reduce mortality rates ,the beneficiaries indicated that breast cancer awareness is an ideal opportunity to cooperate in order to combat this disease and to instill hope in overcoming it and not giving up to it.

Also, the advocacy sessions aimed to build a network between the participants and make a change in the lives of individuals and enable women to be influential decision makers in the community by formulating messages addressed to the targeted people to achieve self- and public interest, and safe spaces were provided for children to enable women to participate In activities, she is reassuring for her children in a safe environment.

In addition to the field tours carried out by the team in the areas covered by the project to attract women and girls and introduce the services of the center.

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