Nineveh Plain - Qaraqoush

Handcrafts Workshop

#Baghdad_Women_Association by its staff of listening and counseling center in Qaraqoosh implemented handcrafts workshop for making accessories of the project ( strengthening the empowerment and resilience for women and girls of conflict-affected and host communities in Nineveh plain, Iraq ) in 29 May 2019, and 25 of women and girls attended the workshop from Nineveh-Plain, they made various types of accessories and participating their experience among each other for improving their skills in this area, the workshop produced many creative works and the women and girls expressed their happiness of attending such activities which reduce psychological pressures and contribute to gain new knowledge, at the conclusion of the workshop, the women and girls thanked the staff of the center and they gave some of their handcrafts works as a present for thankful and gratitude for the Association.

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