Nineveh Plain - Qaraqoush

GBV session for girls and returnees women in Nineveh plain

As continuity of activities of the project (strengthening the empowerment and resilience for women and girls of conflict-affected and host communities in Nineveh plain, Iraq) that funded by Lutheran world federation #Baghdad_Women_Association by its staff of listening and counseling center in Qaraqoosh in 27-5-2019, the twelfth session about the gender based violence within the project, the workshop targeted 25 women and girls, the session started by giving a brief summary about Baghdad Women Association, the aims and the services provided by the center, the agenda of the workshop dealt with many subjects, as the concept of the violence, the tree of the problem, the causes and solutions, the consequences of violence, as well as the explanation of customs and traditions, the society`s acceptance of violence. The workshop also discussed the social violence and the difference between sex and gender, also the concept of power and the power which is related to violence, the session concluded by asking a question and discussion about the session.

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