Eight psychosocial support sessions (advocacy sessions) in Mosul

#Baghdad_Women_Association staff located in the Social and Psychological Listening and Counseling Center in Mosul implemented eight psychosocial support sessions (advocacy sessions) for 12 beneficiaries of women and girls during August with the aim of giving women and girls the confidence to claim and defend their rights within the framework of Promoting the Well-being Dignity and safety of conflict affected SGBV Survivors Project, funded by NPA.

The sessions by introducing the participants to the concept of advocacy, then listening to their concerns and the issues they seek to achieve, and the topic was welcomed and supported by the attendees and encouraged to raise several topics, including e-education, literacy, job opportunities, places of entertainment especially for women, changing society’s view of women.

The women talked about the injustice they are exposed to, the restrictions imposed on them and their ambition for any hope for freedom and highlighting the role and importance of women in life.

In the entertainment session – drawing, one of the beneficiaries mentioned, “We need someone to communicate our voice, and we have no objection to participating with you to achieve our cause.”

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