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Discussion session on the draft law on cybercrime and its impact on restricting freedoms

A representative of #Baghdad_Women_Association (Ruaa Bdaiwi) participated in the dialogue session organized by the Chaldean Students and Youth Union in cooperation with Al-Fajr Center for Iraqi Studies and Research under the title “The draft law on informatics crimes and its impact on restricting freedoms” in the Assyrian Democratic Movement Complex”

The session began after welcoming the attendance by Dr.Azhar AL-Shikli And Mr. Ali al-Tamimi, a member of the Afaq organization, listened to the opinions of the participants on the draft law, most of which emphasized the unconstitutionality of the law and its contravention of international conventions and laws on human rights, especially freedom of expression and confidentiality of correspondence, To the confiscation of freedoms, as the audience has stressed the need to listen to the legislator and accept the views of civil society and the Iraqi people being the main party in the draft law and the first affected and not treated as being received only.

The representative of BWA pointed to the flaws in the law, in addition to being a blow to the popular will represented by the constitution, because it represents an explicit constitutional violation, with rubbery vocabulary of the law and not clearly defined, which makes the implementation of the articles of the law in the case of legislation subject to different interpretations and sometimes subject to personal confusion. In addition to not specifying the appropriate penalty for the crimes stipulated in the draft, especially “crimes of sexual persons””

Dr. Azhar AL-Shakli and Mr.Ali AL-Tamimi confirmed that all the opinions and recommendations will be transferred to the concerned bodies. The session ended with thanks to the distinguished and wide audience, which represented intellectual orientations and various academic competencies which enriched the session with constructive dialogue and constructive criticism

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