BWA Projects for 2012

Providing Free Legal Assistance to Vulnerable Women in Baghdad

The Project (Providing Free Legal Assistance to Vulnerable Women in Baghdad.) is one of Baghdad Women Association projects for the year 2012, The association seeks through this project to improve the access of women victims of violence from remote areas in Baghdad to free legal services and social counseling, through a dedicated staff of lawyers and social worker to mitigate the severity of their suffering and ensure solutions for their problems, the project includes implementing 30 awareness sessions in remote areas of Baghdad for the provision of legal awareness about women rights and the concept of violence and its forms, in addition to the announcement about the project activities of the listening and counseling social and legal centre of women, in addition to providing Free social counseling and legal advice for women victims of violence, in addition to recording 50 cases in Iraqi courts, the first workshop was implemented on May 14, 2012 in the Municipal Council of 9 Nissan district, with the presence of 28 male and female, as well as the implementation of the second workshop On May 16, 2012 in the Municipal Council of 9 Nissan district, attended the workshop 26 participants, and on  May 20, 2012 the third workshop was implemented with the presence of 11 male and female at the listening and counseling social and legal centre of BWA, the fourth workshop have been implemented On May 22, 2012 at the progress centre for women in al-Sadr City, attended the workshop 20 participants Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE AR-SA

the fifth workshop at Women Progress Centre in Al-Sader City on June 23, 2012 with the presence of 23 Participants, the sixth workshop has been implemented at 9 Nissan District on June 24, 2012 with the presence of 19 participants,

The 1st  workshop was implemented on June 10, 2012 at the Municipal Council of 9 Nissan district, with the presence of 21 participants, the 2nd  workshop was implemented on June 11, 2012 at the Municipal Council of Karada, with the presence of 27 participants, and on June 18, 2012 the 3rd  workshop was implemented on June 18, 2012, attended the workshop 24 participants, at WWI / al-Sader city, the 4th  workshop was implemented at WWI/ al- Sadr City on June 19, 2012, attended the workshop 25 participants, the 5th  workshop have been implemented at the municipal council of Karada on June 20, 2012, attended the workshop 30 participants, the 6th workshop has been implemented at the municipal council of 9 Nissan district on June 21, 2012, with the presence of 22 participants, the 7th workshop  has been implemented in the municipal council of 9 Nissan district on June 24, 2012 with the presence of 14 participants, the 8th workshop has been implemented at WWI/al-Sader City On June 26, 2012 with the presence of 15 participants,during these workshops there was an introductory material  of violence types and gender based violence, in addition to information about women’s rights and the law of personal status,  also providing women with social counseling and legal advice to women survivors of violence،As for the activities of July the centre implemented the first workshop on the 1st of  July 2012 at the Municipal Council of Karada district with the presence of 18 participants, and on 9th  July 2012, BWA implemented the second workshop in progress centre for women at al- Sadr City, attended the workshop 18 participants, and on July 10th , 2012 BWA implemented the third workshop at the Han al-Shabab organization/ 9 Nissan District, attended  the workshop 19 participants, also on July 14th , 2012 BWA implemented the fourth workshop at progress centre for women at al- Sadr City, attended the workshop 13 participants, and on July 17th , 2012 BWA carried out the fifth  workshop in the municipal council of 9 Nissan district, attended the workshop 19 participants. Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE AR-SA

Conflict Resolution Study Tour In Beirut
Baghdad Women’s Association start working on the project ( Conflict Resolution Study Tour In Beirut), sported by KTK organization, which  starts since  January  1,2012 and will last for a whole year, the project includes the training of 12 young women in peace-building and conflict resolution subjects, as they will be trained for five days in Baghdad and then they will travel  to Beirut for 6 days training with the partners of ALEF, the study tour will include field visits for trainees to places in Beirut where got  conflict so that trainees could have experience in the field of conflict resolution and peace-building , and after the end of the training every women from all 12 young women will train 30 young other women .. BWA implemented introductory session on Saturday 11/2/2012 at the Association, attended the session, 12 young women from different Iraqi communities and trends


The first training workshop carried out On February 25, 2012, which discussed the issue of resolution 1325, and BWA implemented the second training workshop within the project, which discussed the issue of citizenship, on Saturday March 3, 2012 at the Association with the presence of 12 participants of different religions, the training started  by welcoming the participants by the trainer Mr. Hassan Wahab, then he moved to the definition of the concept of citizenship and its different definitions that include: belonging to the homeland, a commitment to the rights and duties towards the nation.

BWA Implemented the third training of the project ( Study tour in Beirut in Conflict Resolution) at the association, on March 10, 2012 with the presence of 12 young women, the trainer was Mr. Hassan Wahab as he started the training by talking about the subjects of civic participation, the definition of civil society and the capacity of civil society participation in decision-making in addition to explain the concept of peace according to its different definitions and different points of view, and the concept of tolerance as well as ensure that each subject had to do several exercises to help attendees understand the implications of the topics.

 Baghdad Women  Association Implemented  the fourth training of the project( Conflict Resolution Study Tour in Beirut) on May 12, 2012 with the presence of 12 participants, the training started by welcoming  the participants by the trainer Mr. Hassan Wahab as he remind the participants of what has been taking previously  of  concepts which are (subject of civil society and what it is composed of, and the concept of peace and the ways to achieve peace through it, after that the trainer started talking about the subject (conflict) and What is the conflict, what are its stages and its causes, and the training included making an exercise enabling  them to know how to deal with conflicts, as well as there was a questionnaire distributed to the par includes which had several questions about the possibility of dealing with conflict if it occurs.

Baghdad Women Association implemented the fifth workshop of the project study tour in Beirut Conflict Resolution on May 26, 2012 at BWA, at the beginning of training the trainer welcomed the participants and talked about what has been taking it in the earlier workshops, then discuss the following topics (peaceful technical for peace, the subject of dialogue, skills and constraints of the dialogue, the subject of negotiations and its features and the subject of mediation and definition

As part of the project BWA implemented a workshops for 6 days from the 6th of July till the 13th of July 2012 inLebanon on Conflict resolution and peace building it aims to build the capacityof 12 young Iraqi women who have been trained in Baghdad in order to make them able to initiate change in Peace Building and Conflict resolution within theirown communities. This project also aims at building their knowledge about the Lebanese experience, success stories, and learning lessons from the Lebanese Conflict Transformation for peace.After returning from the study tour, the 12 young women started designing  their projects in order to begin the process of reconciliation in Baghdad through a variety of activities embody their ideas After stages of coordination the project activities was implemented under the supervision of BWA, which targeted (300) person were involved in the reconciliation initiative, which took over the
wider community

Providing Literacy and Numeracy for Women in Baghdad and Karbala provinces project.
Illiteracy is one of the reasons that hinder the progress of the country and its prosperity, and the fact that literacy is an indispensable tool which contribute in peace, human development and poverty reduction, BWA continued the implementation of its project ( Providing literacy and numeracy for women in  Baghdad and Karbala provinces, supported by WWI organization,  from (1st  of January 2012 till 31 December 2012) at three centers of  Sadr City, Bob al- Sham in the province of Baghdad and the center of Karbala in the province of Karbala, where as the training began on the fifteenth of January of this year and a rate of 8 lectures per month .

Durable Solutions Project (DSP) & Women’s Protection
Within the activities of BWA for the year 2012 the association is implementing the project(Durable Solutions Project (DSP) & Women’s Protection) to support the community in order to protect and empower women, the project aims to prevent violence against women and girls in  vulnerable communities in Baghdad, and to build partnerships with NGO partners to strengthen their capacities in the field of prevention and protection for survivors of gender violence against women, BWA starts the implementation of the project on December 2011, as there was a preparatory meeting with the staff of the Association in order to explain the project, its goals and how to implement it in accordance with the Plan of the Implementation of the project, BWA staff  visited the place which the centre will be at and in order to be aware of  the reality of the neighborhood of the implementation of the project, which is Hay al-Nasser neighborhood, then a staff for the centre was appointed represented by  (social workers, lawyer and community mobilizer) to work within the center, the staff had received several training for two months to support their expertise in their field, also they received several cases during their visits to the place of the centre,  as coincide with International Women’s Day and to break the silence about the violence forms against women the listening centre was opened  in the area of Al-Amari in Baghdad on March 8, 2012 in order to give women the courage to reveal practiced  from of violence against them, as the center receives all cases of women and girls subjected to violence in all its forms, where the center works to preserve the full confidentiality of the information made by women who attending the center, and to provide psychosocial support and legal advice, free of charge by specialists psychologists and social workers, lawyers as well as assign a phone number and email for the center to receive the cases from which, includes the project, also several workshops will be  held to educate women about (the concepts of human rights, women’s rights, the concept of violence and its causes and its impacts on society, the concept of violence based on gender), and also the project will targets men to raise their awareness about the concept of human rights in general and women’s rights in particular,The Centre implemented throughout the month of April several exercises included several topics (Acquaintance, changing social roles, self-esteem and self-confidence, and the subject of the decision-making) and also during this month the centre received 50 cases of battered women, each one of them had a listening session and provided with social counseling, including 5 legal cases،The centre activities for the month of May BWA implemented several activities included several topics such as (negotiation skills, social networks, social support, and participation in public life) also BWA implemented three dialogue sessions for 75 young men, in addition to received 57 cases of abused women during this month each one of them had a listening session and provided with social counseling, including 15 legal cases،As for the month of June the centre implemented many dialogue sessions for young people on  the 6th and 7th of June 2012 about women’s rights and violence against women at teachers Institute at Hay al-Nasser , the training included 75 young  men, and also the centre implemented 3 dialogue sessions for men about protecting women and girls from violence, the centre received 60 cases of abused women each one of them had a listening session and provided with  social counseling,  in July the Centre carried out 4 dialogue sessions for men and women about protecting women and girls from violence, during this month the centre received 58 cases of abused women, each women of them had  a listening session and provided with social counseling, including 27 legal cases,BWA implemented 14 workshop of Becoming an empowerment woman in your community on December 2012 supported by IRC, 20 women attended each workshop and the total number were 140 women, from the 3rd of December till the 17th of December 140 women attended workshops of Introduction and Video, and from the 18th of December till the 25th of December the same 140 women attended the workshops of Changing social roles, all women were from the quarters (Dwanim, Naser and Hussiania).

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