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Social Protection for widows in Iraq project
Baghdad Women’s Association held  the first coordination meeting of the  Project Social Protection for widows in Iraq, supported by  Oxfam on January 9,2012 , with the presence of the partner organizations ,  representatives of government agencies ,non-governmental organizations and the media, in order to put the mechanism to provide widows with full support, and to overcome the obstacles faced by their access to social welfare salary, in addition to strengthening the interest about widows, and the drafting of legislation and mechanisms of action to alleviate their problems through the Constitution, international conventions and the laws of religious and humanitarian

Baghdad Women’s Association held the second coordination meeting of the Project Social Protection for widows in Iraq, supported by Oxfam – Great Britain on February 4, 2012, with the presence of  representatives of  women care department, Training and developing widows center, Women For Peace Association and activism of Iraqi Civil society organization, in order to discuss the previous recommendations and to identify legal materials which related to widows that need to make adjustments on it.

 Baghdad Women  Association implemented the Third Coordination Meeting of the steering committees for the project Social Protection for widows in Iraq, supported by Oxfam at BWA on the Sabbath day April 14, 2012, in the presence of partner organizations and representatives of government agencies and non-governmental organization, during the meeting there was a full review of the project and its activities, followed by the presentation of the economic Research and scan of the  local and international organizations working in the field of widows, then there was a debate between the participants about the tow researches, and at the end of the meeting the
participants agree on writing a paper of Their demand to be submitted to the concerned authorities
.Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE AR-SAOn May 8, 2012 BWA President with the project Manager visited women care Department in order to meet the general director of the Department Mrs. Nahida Hamed Lafta, as they discussed the possibility of training the staff of the department on  communication skills and media for 3 days,  and also training the directors of the sections on Strategic planning program, also they discussed the most important problems and obstacles faced by the department of registration of widows in addition to the budget allocated to the department.

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BWA participated For the period of 6 to 9 June 2012  at the strategist meeting of social protection for widows in Iraq program, with the presence of Oxfam  partners,  representatives of Oxfam  which supports the project in addition to other characters from the an Iraqi government, in order to evaluate the functioning of the program with participating organizations to reach for the required mechanism to address the issue of widows who are not entitled to the salary of social care in Baghdad and put an action plan for such a mechanism in addition to follow the work of advocacy campaigns carried out by civil society organizations in Iraq to demand the rights of that segment, the meeting was characterized by the active participation of the deputy in the Iraqi parliament Mr. Younadm Kanna / Chairman of social Welfare Committee for widows who stated the need to endorse the ‘social Security Act “, and also attended the meeting, a representative of the Social Welfare Department for Women and Chair of Woman and Child Committee in  Baghdad Provincial Council as they offered during the meeting the efforts being made by the Department of women care and Baghdad Provincial Council to include widows salary of social welfare.

BWA Implemented a strategic planning training within the project( Social Protection for Widows in Iraq), at Women Care Department, from 3 to 5 July 2012, participated in Training 11 participants of the department staff, the first day of the training included  giving an idea about the project by BWA representative, then the Mr. Hashim Al-Assaf from NGO Iraq Coordination Committee began to explain the general framework for strategic planning, then clarified  the strategic goal, its characteristics and its stages, at the end of the workshop it was evaluated by the participants, the second day of the training was to review what has been taking on the first day, and the training included presentation of strategic planning tools and requirements, in addition to explaining the strategic frameworks, the training included several practical exercises, and at the end the session it was evaluated by the participants, on  the third day of the training there was a review of the Strategic planning concept and its stages, in addition to how to develop general frameworks for strategic planning, as the trainer said that strategic plans are general frameworks and  must be made through law, then there was an exercise in addition to determine future directions for the country in case of the application of strategic planning, also there was a comprehensive evaluation of the workshop training and at the end of workshops there was a distribution of certificates to the participants

BWA implemented a training workshop for women on Women Care Department, the workshop was about Information and communication within the project Social Protection for widows in Iraq, supported by Oxfam, the workshop lasted for 3days from 15 to 17 July 2012 at Women Care Department.

 The first day of training started by introducing the participants for each others and identifying their expectations about the workshop, then the trainer distributed a pre- evaluation for the participants and then made practice between the participants, the trainer explain the subject of gender and determined the difference between sex and gender, the reasons that help promotion of gender, and indicated also that the media play abig role in the promotion of gender unconsciously.
As for the second day of training the trainer reviewed what has been taking onthe first day of training and then explained the legal, social and economic status of Iraqi women and  identified institutions that deal with women in Iraq, after that the trainer explained  CEDAW which is a Treaty advocates and defends women’s rights.
 As for the third day of training included reviewing of what has been taking on the first day and second days of the training, and after that the trainer explained the arts of journalism and assess the situation of media in Women Care Department, there was a recommendations proposed by the trainer to work on developing the work of the Department.
After the presentation of the recommendations there were a distribution of post-evaluation to the participants, as the third day of training included a visit of the General Director of Women Care Department, she did thank BWA for the excellence effort in helping Women Care Department staff gaining additional skills to enable them to progress in their work, at the conclusion of the workshop Dr. Nahla al-Naddawi  thanked the participants, and the staff of the Department did thanked her for the training, and then there was a distribution of certificates to the participants

A meeting was held in Beirut with Oxfam partners Organization for the period of 27th and 28th of August 2012  , they discuss during the meeting  the challenges that faced  them during the last work, in addition to develop a new action plans to highlight the role of women in society and in order to achieve gender equali

A training workshop on budget analysis was held at Yerevan in Armenia For the period 12th till 15thof September 2012, the workshop included several axes and they are (Small Business Administration, market stability, achieving partnership between organizations and the government in several areas especially in the health sector, strengthen the partnership between civil society organizations and achieving the cultural objectives
Baghdad Women Association Implemented a training of the general budget monitoring within the project of Social Protection for Widows in Iraq supported by Oxfam on the  23rd and 24th of October 2012 at the association
Baghdad Women Association implemented a training workshop of case management and database on the 18th and 19th of November, 2012 supported by Oxfam, with the participation of Social workers and lawyers from BWA,  Training and development center for widows and Women for Peace Organization..


.BWA held the first consultative meeting on advocacy campaign, as they discussed during the meeting the draft of the Request file which supposed to be the main material that will be presented to decision-makers during the visits to decision-makers. The meeting was attended by a number of Iraqi civil society organizations and representatives of the Iraqi Ministry of Planning

On the 18th of  March 2013 Baghdad Women Association implemented the second coordination meeting within the project  Social Protection for widows in Iraq at BWA and with the presence of (training and development center for widows, Baghdad Women Association, Women for Peace organization, Um alyateem foundation, Bent al Rafidain organization and , Al Rafidain women’s Coalition), in order to discuss the recent addition of the requested file in addition to identify the official bodies that will be visited in an attempt to within greater support for the content of the file and advocating the cause of widows in Iraq

Baghdad Women Association carried an expanded meeting within the project “Social protection for widows in Iraq” on the 25th of  March 2013 supported by Oxfam Britain at the Hall of al-Remal Hotel, and with the presence of (33) participants from partner organizations representatives, Iraqi Ministry of Planning, Women care Department, Baghdad Provincial Council, and Iraqi civil society organizations concerned with the affairs of widows, for the purpose of showing the activities of the project and win greater support for the cause of widows

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