Baghdad Women Association holds a Salon Course for Mosul women

Baghdad_Women_Association staff at the Mosul Listening and Counseling Center implemented an online salon course for women and girls via WhatsApp during June 2020, within the framework of (Promoting the Well-being Dignity and safety of conflict affected SGBV Survivors) Project, funded by NPA.

Seventeen women and girls participated in the course, divided into ten sessions throughout the month. The first session was to get acquainted with the participants and the trainer, then she explained to them the necessity of skincare, caring for the hair and the appropriate dyeing types for each skin type, listening to the participants’ questions and giving notes, as well as ways to wear and apply makeup; these topics were practiced between the participants, in which the trainer followed them up and made sure that they acquired the new skills properly.

The aim of the training course was to develop the professional skills of women and girls and enable them to take care of themselves and feel happy for about their appearance in these difficult circumstances, as one of the women said, “I do not remember the last time I took care of my face and my hair, thank you for helping me take care of myself.” Another said, “I benefited a lot from this course, as I had many inquiries before and I could not go to the salon.”

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