Baghdad Women Association continues to provide psychosocial support sessions for women and girls in Mosul

Baghdad_Women_Association staff located in the Social-Psychological Listening and Counseling Center in Mosul organized ten psychosocial support sessions for 26 beneficiaries of women and girls during September 2020, aiming at giving women and girls the confidence to claim and defend their rights within the framework of (Promoting the Well-being Dignity and safety of conflict affected SGBV Survivors) Project, funded by NPA.

The sessions included several topics, including how to take care of yourself, strengthen women’s personality and empower them in various aspects such as her health, psychological, social and economic life, and the reflection of this empowerment on her life and family with a focus on gender, the role of both women and men in family planning and health, and the positive role of women in making decisions in her family. In addition, an activity (building a tower) was carried out to embody cooperation among family members, as well as doing scenes that show the types of recurrent violence within families.

One of the beneficiaries said, “Oh, I wish you doubled the time of the sessions, we benefited a lot, and we do not want the sessions to end.” Another indicated, “I learned things that I was not aware of, and the sessions affected my personality and the way I interacted with others.”

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