Baghdad Women Association continues to provide awareness sessions for women and girls in Mosul

Baghdad_Women_Association staff located in the Social and Psychological Listening and Counseling Centre in Mosul im[lemented eight awareness-raising sessions on education deprivation, HIV prevention, reproductive health and legal counseling for 92 beneficiaries of women and girls. Five of these sessions were implemented inside the centre (while committing to health measures and social distancing) and three Online via Messenger App during August 2020, within the framework of (Promoting the Well-being Dignity and safety of conflict affected SGBV Survivors) Project, funded by NPA.

The aim of the sessions was to raise awareness for women and girls and focus on the importance of education as it is the most prominent rights that give women and girls information and educational skills to enable them to carry out their life activities and their great responsibilities to the fullest. During the reproductive health sessions, various topics were discussed, including the harms of early and recurrent pregnancy and how to take care of young girls, in addition to legal advice in private sessions by a specialized lawyer.

The women expressed their joy when visiting the centre again, as one of them who attended the education deprivation session said, “I am encouraged to be educated despite my old age,” and another said, “I will not let my daughter leave school and she will return to study with her fellow students when schools return”, the main output of the activity is new information. This has been achieved by women and girls, which made them able to protect themselves from the virus and to acquire health information for women and children.

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