Baghdad Women Association continues to provide awareness-raising sessions for women and girls in Mosul

#Baghdad_Women_Association staff in the Social and Psychological Listening and Counseling Center in Mosul implemented eight awareness-raising sessions on domestic violence and reproductive health in addition to legal advices for 95 beneficiaries of women and girls inside the center (while adhering to preventive measures and social distancing) during September 2020, within the framework of (Promoting the Well-being Dignity and safety of conflict affected SGBV Survivors) Project, funded by NPA.

The main goal of sessions is to spread awareness and emphasize the value of women in society and the importance of their role human beings who have rights; various topics were presented, including the harms of early and recurrent pregnancy and how to take care of adolescent girls, in addition to legal advice in individual sessions by the attorney of the center.

The women beneficiaries expressed their joy when visiting the center and one of them said, “When I go back to my house, I will share all the information I gained with them.” Another woman said, “I regret not caring about myself and my health, and I will change my lifestyle after this session.”

The main results of the activity is the new information acquired by women and girls, which made them able to protect themselves and acquire health information for women and children. Some women also recommended continuing such sessions and diversify topics related to women.

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