Baghdad Women Association continues its efforts to provide awareness workshops for displaced women and…

Baghdad_ Women_Association has implemented awareness-raising workshops on gender-based violence & reproductive health for 80 beneficiaries of displaced and returnee women and girls in the Al Hamdania district and the Siji village via WhatsApp with the aim of raising awareness of women and girls about the issues mentioned as part of a Reintegration Support for Women and Girl Returnees in Al Hamdaniya District and Seiji Village project, funded by Tearfund during June and July 2020.

The most important outcomes of the activity are the new information gained for women and girls, which made them able to protect themselves from violence while gaining health information specific to women and children. Some women also recommended to continue to provide these workshops and topics that related to women and children, and implement awareness-raising workshops for men also on family planning issues, with the need to educate girls in schools about personal hygiene through field workshops in schools in addition to doing skills development workshops for women and girls

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