Awareness workshops on reproductive health and gender-based violence

Baghdad_Women_Association implemented awareness-raising workshops on reproductive health and gender-based violence via groups on (WhatsApp & Viber) Apps within the Reintegration Support for Women and Girl Returnees in Al Hamdaniya District and Seji Village, funded by Tearfund during May 2020.

40 women and girls of the host community, IDPs and Returnee attended divided in four groups, with the aim of raising awareness for women and girls about women’s reproductive health, the violence they faced, and how to reduce its impact. Several topics were discussed, including (sexual and reproductive health and human rights, violations of women’s rights, women’s health, family planning, appropriate health information, the importance of reproductive health, its elements and factors that enhance it, violence and its types).

The main outputs and recommendations of the activity is to give more information to women and girls about these topics and work to raise awareness by talking about the reasons in ways that guarantee their health and social rights through the topics presented during the workshop as well as allowing the participants to express their views and thoughts, which enabled them to express themselves and to relate to relevant community stories and to find appropriate solutions that enable them to live in a healthy society coexisting in peace. In addition women who asked us to continue implementing such workshops, that main goal is woman’s health, protecting her from violence, and increasing her knowledge and awareness about her rights.

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