Awareness workshop on women’s participation in family and social life

Baghdad_Women_Association through its staff of the Center for Listening and Consulting in Dohuk-Siji conducted an awareness workshop on the participation of women in family and social life as part of the activities of the volunteer workshops conducted by the Center as part of the project “Strengthening the resilience of Syrian women and girls and host communities in Iraq” and with the support of the UN Women and the European Trust Fund MADAD .

The workshop was presented by Dalal Aref, a social worker, on August 19, 2019.It targeted 12 women and girls to raise awareness of the importance of women’s participation in all areas of life and make them aware of the necessity of equal access to rights and commitment to fulfill duties.

The results of the activity were to increase the awareness of women and girls about the workshop theme , with the beneficiaries presenting several realistic examples of positive roles below in society.

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