Awareness sessions for women – Mosul

Baghdad_Women_Association staff at Mosul Listening and Counseling Center implemented 9 awareness sessions for women and girls (online) via groups on Facebook Messenger program through the center’s official Facebook page, )Promoting the Well being Dignity and safety of conflict affected SGBV Survivors( Project, funded by NPA.

104 beneficiaries of women and girls attended the awareness sessions during April, aiming at giving confidence to women and the possibility of avoiding Coronavirus threats at the current situation and how to deal with the elderly and children and reduce the risk of increased pressure and family violence and give women an important role in building society, as these workshops included many awareness topics, such as (psychological first aid during Coronavirus crisis, adapting to quarantine at home, dealing with adolescents and children during the curfew, bullying and its types and causes, dealing with children and the best use of time during quarantine, increasing domestic violence and gender-based violence during Coronavirus crisis and how to reduce the violence and the impact of the economic factor on the increase, methods of reducing and preventing the virus and awareness about the disagreements between the parents in front of children and the extent of the impact on the psyche of the child).

Beneficiary women expressed their joy of the services return and communicating via social media, and they are waiting to return to the listening and counseling center to work and participate in activities that they consider their only outlet. Others also mentioned that they benefited a lot from the awareness session about dealing with children and how to use time in the right way, which encouraged the rest of the women to speak and share their hobbies and skills that they practice in order to use the time correctly and avoid psychological pressure.

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