Awareness Sessions

The staff of the project to prevent sexual and gender-based violence with the provision of referral services and livelihoods for returnees and with the support of the Lutheran World Federation, carried out ,  During the month of September  2021 awareness sessions entitled (Gender-Based Violence), with the participation of 27  women and girls in the Zurafa  area , and 25 beneficiaries of various services through the referral track services, in addition to the implementation of psychological / social support sessions  in the Listening Center and Psychosocial counseling in Sinjar district with the participation of 18 women and girls from the people of Sinjar, and also during this month, a community leaders course was implemented in the Abu Laila Restaurant  with the participation of 20 people from all segments of society  ,In addition to the implementation of a training course entitled (On Value Chains and Marketing) in Abu Laila Restaurant   with the participation of 25 women and girls. The goal of the project and the activities implemented by the association’s staff are to reduce violence and give psychological support and an opportunity to get work through training and raise the individual’s economy.

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