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Awareness Sessions

Project Women, Peace and Security in the Arab states – Phase II, in partnership with the UN Women with the support of the Finland governorate , implemented inside Kiberto 1 camp. During the month of September 2021, awareness sessions were conducted entitled (legal awareness and gender-based violence) with the participation of 13 women and girls fromIDPs , Also 50 displaced women received various services through the referral pathway services. In addition to training employees with the aim of building their capacities and raising their awareness, the training was carried out inside the Nawa Center – Women’s Shelter in Dohuk with the participation of 10 female employees on topics (gender-based violence, protection from sexual exploitation and data management for survivors’ information), 32 women and girls started working within an activity Cash-for-work in Dohuk and inside Kaberto 1 & 2 camps within the activity (painting, planting and cleaning) Implementation of the referral track meeting inside Kaberto 2 camp in the presence of 12 representatives of civil society organizations from inside the camp to coordinate on expanding and delivering services to women and girls. The project and activities aim to raise awareness and protect Women from gender-based violence and provide psychological, legal and economic support, and facilitate their access to various services.

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