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Awareness Sessions

The project staff of Connecting voices and action to end violence against women and girls in MENA region – Naseej during the month of September – 2021, with the support of Oxfam and the European Union, carried out two meetings for service providers to activate and draw a referral map at the headquarters of the Center for Listening and Psychological / Social and Legal Counseling, targeting An important and distinguished elite from the community in Anbar (international and local organizations and other government agencies) met with the aim of exchanging services and providing them to women and girls in the city of Ramadi, and 4 awareness sessions on reproductive health were carried out for 40 women and girls in September at the Psychological / Social and Legal Listening and Counseling Center In the Aramel neighborhood in the city of Ramadi , It was presented by Dr. Doaa Shamel, in addition to the implementation of 3 awareness sessions for 30 men in September at the Center for Listening and Psychological / Social and Legal Counseling in the Aramel neighborhood – Ramadi, on topics (gender-based violence, its types, forms and causes leading to it), and the trainer Kauthar Abd al-Baqi confirmed And the participants that the man is a key partner in bringing women to decision-making positions and supporting them.

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