Awareness Sessions

Awareness sessions on various topics including (gender-based violence, reproductive health and legal advice), advocacy sessions for women and girls, social support sessions for men and boys, Vocational training ( Knitting and making sweets ).
As well as, implementation outreach in the areas covered by the project to introduce the center’s services and attract survivors of violence, In addition to visiting the Thalassemia Center and providing support to children suffering from the disease and providing psychological support to mothers.

The activities were aimed to create an interactive environment between the participants developing capabilities and skills and enabling women to gain self-confidence and ability

 to do outstanding work. Also, to spread family awareness and the importance of compatibility and understanding between family members and to emphasize the value and importance of women in society.

The advocacy sessions also aimed to build a network between the participants and make a change in the lives of individuals and to enable women to be influential decision makers in society.

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