Awareness session about GBV, RH , legal topics for women and girls.

Two GBV awareness sessions were carried out on August 7-9, 2022, for 20 women and girls. During the gender-based violence awareness sessions, the participants learn about gender-based violence and what types of violence are, as well as the explanation of the deprivation of education, its causes, and excitement, as well as an explanation of sexual exploitation As for reproductive health awareness sessions, they were implemented in 10-11 August 2022 for 17 women and girls It was talked about women and girls having more psychological problems than men. As well as how to protect our mental health from fear and thinking. Two legal awareness sessions were held on August 21-28, 2022, online blackmailed, its legal causes, directives for dealing with people who have been blackmailed, the brand of social media, the things to consider when using social media, and the pros and cons of social media sites.
One of the most important objectives of the activities carried out during the month of August in Bashiqa Center

Awareness of women and girls about what violence is and what its consequences are

As for the issues of legal awareness, most women and girls did not have enough knowledge about what is electronic extortion, but through the sessions, the participants learn about electronic extortion and what are the procedures used to protect against extortion, and how it is dealt with when girls are exposed to this type of electronic extortion

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