Awareness raising sessions for women and girls on increasing violence and psychological stress during…

Baghdad_Women_Association in the Mosul Listening and Counseling Center implemented an awareness-raising sessions for women and girls (online) via groups on Messenger App on the center’s Facebook page, during May 2020 within the framework of Promoting the Well-being Dignity and safety of conflict affected SGBV Survivors( Project, funded by NPA.

The sessions were attended by 95 beneficiaries of women and girls divided in eight groups, where various topics including (increasing violence in light of the Coronavirus crisis, and increasing psychological pressure) were discussed, aiming at raising awareness for women and girls about the increasing cases of violence and how to reduce its impact and give confidence to women and the possibility of avoiding fear and current psychological stress.

Women expressed their joy at the resumption of communication via social media, and mentioned the impact of the curfew on their mental health, and what a great role the awareness sessions have in changing that; in addition to gaining useful information and making new friends. One of the beneficiaries said, “The way I treated my teenage daughter in the curfew conditions has completely changed after the awareness sessions.” Another said, “The issue of increasing domestic violence was very beneficial, and we should raise the awareness to all of our family and friends in order to reduce it.” And another mentioned that she reduces psychological pressure by gardening, as she becomes very happy watching her plants grow.

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