Nineveh Plain - Qaraqoush

Awareness Raising Session about Gender-Based Violence (GBV) for Men via WhatsApp

#Baghdad_Women_Association staff in Qaraqoush Listening and Counseling Center implemented an awareness raising session for men about GBV via WhatsApp within (Supporting the Resilience of Society and Empowering Women and Girls Returning to Nineveh Plain, Al-Hamdaniya District) project, funded by Lutheran World Federation (LWF) to 15 men/boys on 28, May 2020. The session included an explanation of GBV and social roles. In addition, the roots of violence and its factors. In conclusion, the participants expressed their views and shared their feedback on the topics of the session.

The results of the session were that the participants gained general information on the mentioned topics and causes of violence were discussed between each other, it was found that the reactions of the participants were positive and they confirmed that these topics are important for men also because awareness sessions is essential in changing the way of thinking of men/boys about violence, and the importance of increasing awareness and the responsibility towards the role of women and their rights in society.

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