Anbar - Fallujah

Activities of the Connecting Voices project and working to end violence against women and girls in the Middle East and North Africa – Naseej, with the support of Oxfam and the European Union for the month of August – 2021

Project staff of Connecting voices and action to end violence against women and girls in MENA-Naseej, with the support of Oxfam International and EU, in August, implemented (7) awareness sessions about GBV for men and women . The number of beneficiaries of these workshops was (73) participants, targeting the remote and most affected areas of Fallujah. The sessions aim to educate society about the concept of violence, gender and power, the societal roles of women and men, and changing the reality of women and girls in society. Also, (6) sessions on health issues were carried out in the psychosocial Listening and Counseling center and various areas of the city of Fallujah, with the participation of (60) women and girls, awareness sessions targeting women’s physical health, procreation, family planning, the concept of reproductive health and protection from Covid-19, and caring for the child care and provide free medical consultations. And (4) legal sessions were carried out with 60 participants. The sessions sought to inform women of their rights and provide them with legal advice.

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