Anbar - Ramadi

Activities May – 2021

Psychosocial and Legal Listening and Counseling Ramadi w within the project of “connecting voices and Action to end violence against women and girls in the MENA region ” Co-funded by the European Union and with the support of Oxfam in Iraq,
BWA team implemented on May, 2021 two awareness sessions on (GBV, women’s right, reproductive health) where a total of the participant were 32 women.
Providing psychosocial support to women and girls with the completion of the legal cases (Legal representation) with a positive judgment for the survivors who went to the listening center and continuous in providing legal consultations.
Distributed leaflets awareness to the women and girls to raise legal awareness and GBV.
Distributed two wheelchairs for disabled women with coordination of Medical Committees Division / Ramadi Health directorate BWA team will be giving what is best to serve women and girls.

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